Thursday, August 7, 2014

Well hello!

Once again I've failed at keeping up with this blog. Lol. Hope everyone reading this has been well. We've been busy! Between our girls, summer time fun, family stuff, my dog grooming and DoTerra and then of course interview/book stays fun :) Dreading our oldest going back to school in a few weeks. She'll be in first grade, and we miss her terribly when she's gone. Luckily our youngest does well by herself and is good to entertain herself and find things to do if I'm busy. I got into DoTerra oils back in November and I've started teaching oil classes, so that's been fun! I enjoy it and I have been amazed at all the things oils have helped us with. Last week Sloan started on my groom shop. I've been grooming out of my laundry room for the last few years and am happy to say that I'll soon be in my own little shop. Hurray!!! I even got an official website for my grooming finally!:

Also in case anyone wanted to follow me on Facebook (which is where I better keep up with stuff and post often usually):

I know it sounds silly.........but I just don't seem to take the time or find it to sit down and blog. Anyway, hope everyone is doing well!



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  2. Saya dari indonesia.. salam kenal yah.. semoga sukses.:)

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